January 13 @ 7p


By Jeremey Kehoe
directed by Pat Henderson

Location: Raue Center Cafe

Five homeless people find themselves “doing time” – serving their bullet, nickel, dime, and life sentences not behind bars but out in the bright sunlight – while attempting to survive their new reality and maintain their individual and collective humanity in the midst of their open-air prison.

JEREMY KEHOE  hears voices that call him to create characters and place them on a quest. These characters heckle and haunt him until their voices muffle from roars to murmurs at the words “End Play”. Audiences have heard Jeremy’s voices at such shows as “Shamamonica” (Son of Semele/LA); “Movin’ On Up” (2016 New York Int’l Fringe Festival, 2018 Hollywood Fringe Festival); “A Few Good PB&Js” (New Jersey Repertory Company/NJ); “God Help Us” (MonsterBox Theater/Pontiac, Mich); “Let’s Dance for a Little While” (Emerging Artists Theatre/NYC); “Existential Magic Eight Ball” (SkyPilot Theatre Company/LA; Short+Sweet/LA); “Urban Wash” (Emerging Artists); “Pitch Me” (Emerging Artists) “AMMO” (Hollywood Fringe Festival); “Car Play: She & Him” (Lounge Theatre/LA); “Killing Russell Crowe” (Group Repertory Theatre/LA); and “Banana Intervention” (Hollywood Fringe Festival). He is a member of the Dramatists Guild and Alliance of Los Angeles Playwrights and a former newspaper editor and reporter, where he earned awards from the NAACP and the New England Press Association. As a freelance writer, he has published articles in newspapers including the Houston Chronicle, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Philadelphia Inquirer, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and Sacramento News & Review. Jeremy also strangled himself with a necktie as a PR executive for 10 years until the oxygen drained from his brain.