WSR Comedy Troupe


Jessica Benson 150x150
Jess Benson
co-leads WSRep Comedy Sketch and Improv with The Other Jess. She has been a member of this ever evolving troupe since January 2014. Jess lives and performs in Chicago with an indie troupe called Atomic Barbie. She graduated with a BA in Theatre from Augustana College, Rock Island.



Trace Gamache
is an alumna of McHenry County College and Illinois State University where she obtained a bachelor’s degree in performance art. Trace made her debut at age 8 and fell in love with the stage. Since graduating she’s had the opportunity to reach audiences in Bloomington and Richmond Illinois as well as New York City. Her recent addition to the WSRep Comedy has been incredibly rewarding as a new challenge and learning experience. Laugh loud and prosper!


Matt Hellyer 150x150Matt Hellyer developed a strong appreciation in his early schooling for “winging it” during class presentations, thriving when projects culminated in a skit. Never particularly known for the gift of gab, he nonetheless found success ad-libbing in between readings of liturgy and as the MC to many Boy Scout Courts of Honor. Matt’s talents were cultivated and cultured during his study of the liberal arts at Carthage College. There, a hobby in amateur videos led to a more refined improviser. WSRep Comedy is the newest outlet for his little white light of improv and sketch.


Brian Freeman
lives and Woodstock with a roommate, one of his four daughters and a cat that he is deathly allergic to. In recent years he discovered improv and WSRep Comedy has become a great outlet. “I have been made to feel very welcome. It’s like a second or third family really. And I’m so proud to work alongside some of the greats like what’s his name and blonde girl. Yes, I plan on being with the improv team for many, many weeks. Unless, of course, I get bored or something better comes along.”


David Marr
David Marr
grew up watching comedians like Eddie Murphy and Robin Williams and admired their style of comedy and impersonation. He’s been involved with theater and the performing arts since childhood. He enjoys improvisation and is learning a lot from the group. He hopes you’ll have as much fun watching as he has performing.



Jess Smith
(aka The Other Jess) has been improvising since 2008. She is thankful for having the opportunity to perform at the Raue Center with a talented group of friends. Clearly, the stars have aligned, Venus is in retrograde, and the gypsy curse didn’t work. Jess currently teaches theatre and improvisation in South Elgin.