WSRep Comedy

WSRep Comedy Night!
Sketch & Improv
Select Thursdays
@ 7PM

Sketch comedy is Written, Scripted, and Rehearsed, honed through work and time.
Improv comedy is Wild, Spontaneous, and Real, on the spot and on the line.

WSRep Comedy has brought these two forms together for one glorious, glamorous, conglomerate show, and they hope to bring you in, too. 

Tickets: $10 (at the door)

Raue Center for the Arts
| Lobby Cafe


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2020 Dates:
Jan 16th
Feb 27th
March 19th
April 16th
May 28th
June 25th

WSR Comedy Troupe
Trace Gamache
Matt Hellyer
April Noel
Andy Buel
David Weiser

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