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New Work Staged Reading Series. Select Mondays @ 7p. Admission is Free!

laboratory (/ləˈbɒrətəri/ or /ˈlæbərətri/; informally, lab. 1: a place providing an opportunity for experimentation, observation, or practice in a field of study.

Artist-driven. Risk-taking. Boundary-pushing. New work. 

WSR’s LAB Series is dedicated to showcasing new scripts, giving the audience an artist’s perspective of the play on-the-page. Our goal is to offer a public forum, bringing audiences & theatre artists together to share & discuss a wide range of exciting new work. Admission is FREE! Come for the reading and stay for our discussion afterwards…tell us what you think! The LAB reading of today may become the MainStage production of tomorrow!

New scripts.  New voices.  New talent.
Select Mondays @ 7pm
Free Admission!
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SphinxShooting the Sphinx

by Avram Noble Ludwig
July 25 | 2016  | @ 7pm

An international thriller.

In Hollywood, Ari Zucker is the stuff of legends, the man who always gets the impossible-to-film shots. In Cairo, however, he faces the most difficult and dangerous challenge of his career: he must photograph, from a helicopter mere feet away, the face of the imperishable Sphinx. The film depends on it.  Caught in a web of intrigue and corruption, he must work with the military dictatorship to get the shot.  Learn more…


by K. Frithjof Peterson
Sept 26 | 2016 | @ 7pm

A comedic journey of cosmic discovery.

When you look up, do you marvel at your place among the stars or feel too small to matter? These are the voyages of Karl and Lucy, two college kids who boldly go on a mission through worlds of subatomic particles and Star Trek to seek out which parts of us can survive against the cosmic backdrops of loss and loneliness. Learn more…

BOWBit O’Wit in the Burbs

by Phil Denofrio
Jan 30 | 2017 | @ 7pm

A farcical romp.

Two English artists make a bet as to which one of them can steal the affections of their fellow ex-patriot from her moneyed French fiancé. Learn more…

Mechanics v3Mechanics of Love

by Dipika Guha
March 27 | 2017 | @ 7pm

A fanciful romantic comedy.

In a mythical European city pressed up against a communist state, it is natural that the business of beginning a new world involves forgetting the old one. This heightened and heartbreaking new comedy questions the laws that govern love, the physics of choosing a spouse, and the miracle of what endures. Learn more…


BMBomber’s Moon

by Deborah Yarchun
May 1 | 2017 | @ 7pm

A poignant romantic drama.

After a devastating discovery during the first week of the London Blitz, Katrin, an American socialite, is propelled onto the streets during the blackout. Caught in an air raid, she seeks shelter in the basement of an abandoned music shop. She’s followed by Lloyd, a displaced, working-class East Ender. Over four charged, complicated nights sheltering together in the music shop, Lloyd and Katrin become enmeshed in each other’s lives. Learn more…


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