Play Submissions

Submissions are now closed for our 2017-2018 LAB Season. We hope you will consider submitting next season!

laboratory (/ləˈbɒrətəri/ or /ˈlæbərətri/; informally, lab. 1: a place providing an opportunity for experimentation, observation, or practice in a field of study.

WSRep’s LAB Series is dedicated to showcasing new scripts, giving the audience an artist’s perspective of the play on-the-page. Our goal is to offer a public forum (free of charge), bringing audiences & theatre artists together to share & discuss a wide range of exciting new work. Each reading is followed by a talk-back and discussion.  Our submission requests are for new work and unproduced scripts only!

WSRep is committed to producing diverse work that promotes opportunity and collaboration.

About WSRep
WSRep is an AEA company operating under a Chicago Area Theatres Agreement (CAT) Tier N contract.
At its foundation, WSRep is dedicated to its mission of producing diverse and emotionally charged stories that deepen the cultural richness of the community and region. Since opening, WSR has presented more than 50 productions featuring a wide range of appeal, from holiday favorites to international debuts and Chicago premieres.


Thank you for your interest!
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FAQs about LAB Series.

  • What materials do you require during submission?
    • WSRep asks for a brief letter of introduction/cover letter, 2 digital PDF copies of the script (one with playwright’s information included and one with all personal info redacted), a jpeg headshot or photo, resume (if you have one), and a brief bio (150 words or less). Please, do not submit your script unless submissions are open. 
  • Why do you request one script with playwright’s name redacted?
    • We send out anonymous scripts to readers in the selection process.
  • Where do the readings take place?
  • Is there marketing support?
    • Our marketing department is behind every reading with materials in traditional regional sources as well as a strong online presence.
  • What are the fees?
    • There are no fees or ticket prices associated with LAB Series.
  • Are there stipends?
    • Small stipends are available for all participants in LAB Series.
  • Who participates?
    • We draw actors and directors from the region to work on the plays at LAB Series.
  • What is the history of LAB Series?
    • LAB Series was started as a way to explore new voices in the theatre and to help our community learn how to engage in new work for the theatre. LAB is an entry-level program for exploring new work. WSRep’s upcoming workshop series and full productions of new plays in our mainstage season are further evidence of our commitment to engaging new voices and new stories in the theater.
  • Are there other ways to participate in LAB Series?
    • We always need actors and directors for our readings. We also welcome anyone and everyone to attend the readings. Being in the room and being present for the talkback is a great way to participate. Theatre needs an audience, and new theatre needs an engaged and active audience.
  • Is LAB Series just for Playwrights?
    • Primarily, however, in the past, we have had fiction and non-fiction writers from all walks of life present their work in a dramatized fashion.