“Beehive” creator celebrates with the cast of BEEHIVE!

Margaret Vinci Heldt, creator of the beehive, is 98 years old and still going strong!


Margaret Vinci Heldt with the original beehive.

The first thing you noticed after meeting Margaret Vinci Heldt is her infectious smile. The second thing you notice is the word “Diva” in pink rhinestones on the front of her walker. This is a woman you can’t help liking.

The beehive became a cultural phenomenon during the 1960s and evolved into a style worn today by Hollywood’s starlets walking the red carpet. It even inspired a musical! And we have Margaret Vinci Heldt to thank. The cast and crew of WSR’s BEEHIVE: the 60’s Musical was delighted to meet the woman whose iconic hair creation inspired a generation!

As the 98-year-old retired hairstylist tells it, Modern Beauty Shop magazine (now Modern Salon) was looking for a new design, something different to feature in its February 1960 issue. “I went home and I thought, What am I going to do that hasn’t done before?” Heldt told the cast and crew on the Raue Center stage.IMG_5447


Jason Heidel & Margaret Vinci Heldt

Inspiration came to her in a little black velvet hat, shaped like a small bump and lined on the inside with red lace. Heldt went downstairs to her family room one night while her family was sleeping. She put on a little music and started working with a mannequin head, sweeping the hair into a circular patter on top.

“Before you know it, something was coming out,” she said. “And I thought, I like this.”

It became what the magazine called “the beehive.”

Joining Margaret for the performance was friend and teacher, Jason Heidel, founder of Be Your Own Agent Talent. BYOA specializes in community programs that cater to mature adults and senior citizens. And Margaret is a star performer.  Jason, with his network of industry professionals, strive to give passion and purpose to this usually underserved demographic and promote creativity for all ages! We are so thrilled they could join us for the closing night of BEEHIVE! We couldn’t have done it without you!


Margaret with the cast of Beehive!