2016/2017 Season

  • WSR’s 2017/2018 Season is the best yet! Witty Comedies. Fun Musicals. New Work. Broadway Favorites. WSR has it all…& more! WSRep closed its 2016-2017 Season [...]

Other WSRep Programs

  • WSRep Comedy Night! Sketch & Improv Sketch comedy is Written, Scripted, and Rehearsed, honed through work and time.Improv comedy is Wild, Spontaneous, and Real, on the [...]
  • Attention! After many wonderful years of good food, good wine--and best of all--good company, Le Petit Marché has closed its doors. But GET LIT(erary) lives on!GET LIT has [...]
  • WSR has many ways to purchase tickets! Try our Season Pass, customizable tickets packages, single ticket purchases...or even programming that's just plain FREE (GET Lit, [...]

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